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What is Generational Wealth?

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Hello my friends,

You've probably heard of Generational Wealth...but what is it?

It is basically wealth that is passed down from one generation to the next. You may have also heard it being called family wealth or legacy wealth.

If you are able to leave something of value behind for your children or grandchildren, then you are contributing to the growth of generational wealth in your family. In my opinion based on current economic and fiscal policy, it is needed now more than ever for the next generations.

How Can You Build & Transfer Generational Wealth?

1. Invest in the Stock Market.

2. Invest in Real Estate.

3. Create a Business to Pass Down.

4. Invest in Your Child's Education.

5. Get covered by Life Insurance.

6. Educate Your Children About Personal Finance.

7. Save Money Strategically.

8. Create an Estate Plan and document your Beneficiaries.

Our Life Capitalized™️ system allows you to plan for Generational Wealth goals by using the benefits of permanent life insurance which offers you a guaranteed (and typically income tax free) death benefit for your heirs. The death benefit is typically many multiples more than your premiums paid (if designed well). You also have living benefits like policy cash value which can be accessed income tax free by utilizing policy loans** which can't be denied... and if you qualify, you may also have your premiums paid for you if you become disabled*!

So if there was a place where you could leave an income tax free legacy, accumulate your savings and earn more value from your dollars, shouldn't that be something to look into today?

Contact us today by clicking on the link below, to learn more about living your Life Capitalized™ as well as transferring Generational Wealth.

* Disability waiver of premium benefit rider must be applied for at application and must be approved at the issue of your contract.

** policy loans reduce your death benefit if not fully repaid at time of death.



The younger and healthier you are, the more affordable your coverage will be. Get insured as early as possible.

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