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5 Affordable and Fun Holiday Gifts to Teach Children about Money


Hey everyone!  We're in the. holiday spirit, and today we're sharing some fun and affordable gift ideas that will spark your child's interest in money and lay the groundwork for future financial literacy.

1. Piggy banks: A classic for a reason! Piggy banks come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and they're a great way to teach kids about saving. Encourage them to set a goal and track their progress towards it. Step 1: Grab a piggy bank or Money Bank. Step 2: Make saving a habit. Show your kids the joy of watching their savings flourish. Bonus: Share stories of what their savings can unlock!

2. Money board games: Games like Monopoly Junior and Payday can be a fun way to teach kids about budgeting, earning money, and making smart financial decisions.

Building financial habits through Monopoly is gradual. Research suggests that consistent exposure to financial concepts in games can positively impact children. Playing Monopoly once a week for several weeks can help instill basic financial principles like budgeting, saving, and strategic decision-making. However, reinforcement through real-life discussions about money management is crucial. While there isn't a specific number of sessions, ongoing engagement with the game, combined with open conversations, fosters lasting financial understanding in children (Source: National Endowment for Financial Education).

3. Age-appropriate books about money: There are many great books available that teach kids about money in a fun and engaging way. Check out favorites like "The Berenstain Bears' Trouble with Money" and "The Rabbit Who Wants to Be Rich."

4. Learning apps and websites: There are several apps and websites designed to teach kids about money in an interactive way. Some popular options include Khan Academy Kids, MintKids, and BusyKid.

MintKids image

5. A savings account: This is a great way to teach kids about the power of saving and the importance of compound interest. Open a savings account in your child's name and help them track their balance over time. For a custodial savings account, consider reputable banks or credit unions offering favorable interest rates and minimal fees. Big Banks as well as local credit unions often provide solid custodial account options. Online banks also offer competitive rates. Evaluate features like accessibility, interest rates, and fees to choose the institution that aligns best with your long-term savings goals for your child.

Children's Custodial Bank Accounts
Children's Custodial Bank Accounts

Bonus tip: Give the gift of a prosperous future for your children with a Custodial Roth IRA for Kids. By harnessing the power of tax-free growth, this account sets the stage for a substantial nest egg. Empower your kids to start saving early, maximizing the potential for financial growth. Secure their financial well-being with a strategic investment in their future today.

Get creative! There are many other ways to teach kids about money, such as setting up a pretend store, having them help with grocery shopping, and giving them an allowance.

Remember: The most important thing is to make learning about money fun and engaging. With a little creativity, you can help your child develop the financial skills they need to succeed in life.

Happy holidays!

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